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Congrats on coming back. I’m glad you have improved, much better than your first ones. Keep up the good work.

Uxvellda responds:

OOOH! THANKS! Welcome back to me, lol!

2 hours in creating an approx. 8 minute track? Wow.
Alright, I'm going to write down my comments while I listen to this.

Very nice touch on the progressions, it's overall very warm and melodic. After moving into 2 minutes, it rather sounds like a sci-fi game music, so that's good. The hit-hats are a bit loud, though - you may have to consider that during mastering. The bass drums are fine, only hits. Good variations on 3:28, I liked it a lot. I especially loved those plucks, that was very well used. You pretty kept the variation range, but 7 minutes is a bit long and each variation keeps a bit long so I had to skip some sections a bit. But the instrument choices was very good. This time, the hit-hats is well mastered in 6:02. The ending was... Not bad, but I think you can end it a bit better. I think it wasn't necessary to add that swoosh sound.

Nice production, very well done instrument choices, neat progressions, but bit too long for each section, IMHO. 4/5

XEFSketch responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I've been making music for about 8 years so it's good to get some criticism on the things I get careless about :>

I think this is your first song? If you are experimenting your limits without any previous educations, not the worst for the start. The kicks are too loud, nothing much interesting in this approx. 3 minute length except some high synths at the top. You would have to add more instruments, create a basic structure, make some progressions (basically it just sound weird in my ears -- sorry, I'm a perfect chord perfectionist) and go with 'highs and lows' (or should I say 'loud' and quiet') so the listener can be interested in what will come next. Good job on it, but it would need some improvements.

Don't be too discouraged though, I've heard some other beginners making their own first song, and I think this is in not-bad-average among them, relatively. Keep it up.

GalaxyGhostMusic responds:

Thanka for response, yes this is my first song im trying my best to not give up and im trying to work hard on my next one :D

Awww, what a cute and bright Christmas tune! This is very well arranged. I love it!
Happy Holidays!

Bosa responds:

You always make me smile :)

Merry Christmas!!

Holy shocks. I was enjoying this piece since the beginning but I lost my words starting 1:51. This is gorgeous. I love the Asian feel in the piece, the instruments are absolutely well blended in. Love the progressions as well. The only problem I think is the perc sound too loud at 3:04-3:05. But that's just the only thing I noticed. This is a beautiful score! 9/10.

My goodness, to think I'm comparing with *my* track (which I made when I was 17) compared with this great piece... This is waaaay better. The flow is absolutely well done. The VST sounds a bit old though (but I understand because it's been 8 years), and the instruments could be more added in the climax (especially low brass, my fav instrument). But that's my only problem.

(ETA : Congrats, you’re my 100th review!)

Goodness me, it's a beautiful intro. I love this magical & fantasia atmosphere! Feels like I'm in the middle of a magical kingdom haha. The crackling at the very climax is kinda distracting though. But the rest is superb.

This is pretty good! I can hear distinct Cinematic FXs you used. I honestly think this could turn out to be much more dark, epic, and intense while using those sound effects, so I was bit waiting for the very big blow. But it didn't happen, unfortunately. Just my personal opinion, though. Well done using it.

Uxvellda responds:

Woah, thanks! Funny thing about this is that it used only one chord...

I only have to say, this is superb. I wish I could compose this kind of amazing score like you!

Mattashi responds:

You already do compose amazing music :)

A cute, pretty piece there! I agree with TaintedLogic that it sounds like a lullaby. It also gives me a beautiful sight of nature right in front of my eyes. Beautifully well done!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for listening, as well as for the review :)
I've finished up the arrangement of the "credits theme", btw. I'll need to revisit the mix at some point though xD

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