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A cute, pretty piece there! I agree with TaintedLogic that it sounds like a lullaby. It also gives me a beautiful sight of nature right in front of my eyes. Beautifully well done!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for listening, as well as for the review :)
I've finished up the arrangement of the "credits theme", btw. I'll need to revisit the mix at some point though xD

You're really making me sleepy there.
Nice work, I'd recommend you to add more instruments though, perhaps some strings, or tasty percussions on top.

belthagor responds:

Yeah, I was thinking of adding a harp to this, thanks for the review!

Looks like we found another talent.

This was really, really well done. Best of luck out there in the larger, wider, and adventurous Newgrounds' music world.

I listened to all your three demos, and I'd say you're pretty good at it! (And I genuinely mean it.)
These are the stuff I'd like to suggest to make these tracks improve. These are just my personal thoughts, btw.

1. Chord Progression & Theme
I overall enjoyed the chord progression and the instrument choices for the two previous tracks. It gave a nice horror-feel inside it, and I liked it. After I listened to these two tracks, I was getting ready to say that you should challenge in different themes as well, until I came to this third one. I liked how you tried to create with another tune, but there was something I had to point out. The notes from the instrument are unfit to each other in some chords, despite the beautiful atmosphere you created for the song. This could be unpleasant to some people who prefer perfect harmonies like me.

2. Production
This is also for the third track. I'd suggest having more sustain pedal on the piano. It sounds too sharp for a soft song, especially on the higher notes. For me, I have this same problem while creating cinematics with my phone — the piano (and all the rest of the instruments) sounds too robotic. So I give substantial technical adjustments to the instrument itself, adding more reverb, sustain, and EQ tweaks.

I think this is it for me, I liked your tracks overall. You have some talent. I look forward to your future cinematic scores. (And longer, please!)

This is more like Rock rather than Dubstep. You should clearly know the genre first.
You've been enthusiastic enough to create more tracks. And there's only one thing you need to make a greater music - constructive feedbacks.

Let me give you a special pass to enter more lager musical world in Newgrounds. Best of luck out there.
Scouting you.

Not bad, but the instrument sounds much more like electronic Snyths rather than string instruments. Maybe you should consider getting more better VSTs. There are good free orchestral VSTs around, you can certainly search them around.

You made this less than 15 minutes? A 12 minute song? With this massive works of variation of tasty percussions and sound effects?

You're giving me goosebumps.

Seriously. This is incredibly beautiful. Sounds like a soundtrack for a short film. Beautiful.

BlueOceans responds:

Thanks so much! I’m glad it sounds that professional!

Good job on this! Honestly when I saw the word "Cover", I thought of something very fresh blow into the Beethoven, like Vivaldi Electro. But...

Eh, it was still good. I like how you did with the volume adjustments on few parts, as well as keeping the originality safe and sound. I think those crashes & drum snares are bit loud for this quiet and solemn track. Maybe lower it a bit down? And also, the piano sounds bit robotic (but I understand if this was unintended. I once had that feedback long ago).

But I enjoyed the piece overall, as a Beethoven fan. Good job.

JordanKyser responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

This is my first time doing a Beethoven cover, but I hope to improve next time I do a Beethoven cover. :)

When I do remakes/covers, I like to keep as much of the original rhythms as I can while also keeping the sound design original.

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