I love the power of melodies. Adventure!
Film student composing music, playing games, voice acting, drawing stuff.
For business enquiries, please contact : jyun.composer@gmail.com

Jessie Yun @JessieYun

Age 23, Female

Film Student


Seoul, South Korea

Joined on 6/28/15

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Hey Newgrounds <3

First of all, thank you all so much for supporting my music (AND my art) throughout 2023. I've been very busy IRL and lots of projects went in and out. Before I talk about what's to come, here's a brief summary of...

What happened in 2023?

Dang, I worked on a lot of animations this year!

Also, although the numbers were a bit lower, this year's Spotify Wrapped gave me a pleasant surprise of rather consistent listeners. Thank you all so much for your support! :D


Now what's to come in 2024

  • NDA Indie Game Project -- This one is gonna be quite an interesting project, since it's my first time working with a game studio as a composer. I will share further info once it's available, but until then, lips are sealed unfortunately.
  • I GRADUATE UNIVERSITY! Spring 2024 is my last semester and I graduate in June 2024 with Bachelor's Degree of Film and Media Arts. I love this major and will cherish the experiences I had forever <3
  • Directing My Very Own Short Film -- Kinda related to the graduation, but in the last semester I have decided to direct my very own short film (est. 15min). Already have the script ready, I just have to start working on pre-production.

Later on after graduation, I honestly don't know what will happen, guess I will be start looking for work of whatever I feel like doing. Who knows, there might be some insane opportunities just waiting to be discovered. But until then, this is what's gonna happen at least for the 1Q 2024.

P.S. Around December 22nd-23rd, I am planning to do a special livestream of Q&A, workspace showcase and stuff on my YouTube channel, celebrating my official 5 year journey as a music composer. If you're interested, please, don't forget to subscri- (shameless self promotion pfft)

Anyway, if you have read this far, you are amazing, just so you know.

Thank you so much for the support, it really means a lot.

Hope you have a great December, and see you around!

~ Jessie


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Available for Work

I'm Open for Commissions!

Hey Newgrounds!

After a long absent of contributing to Newgrounds and its content, I've decided to do it once again. I am currently open for commissions! Whether it's animation or games, I can be of help.

  • Recent Projects: Old Chicago: Wild Hunt (Destiny 2 fan-made project), Herobrine Origins Part IV Minecraft Machinima Film. Featured in NBC's America's Got Talent World Taekwondo Performance, DCS World, Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies campaign ad
  • Skills: I can write orchestral/epic music, theme songs, battle music, and more. I use FL Studio as a DAW. I am also capable of stemming, mixing and mastering, and writing sheet music.
  • Availability: Currently available for both quick gig and long-term projects.
  • Rates: $100-300 per 1 minute of finished tracks (depends on the range of instruments and project duration), negotiable. Depends on your budget, project size, etc.
  • Contact: Please either send me a DM or email me at jyun.composer@gmail.com. Please send us as much info as possible, with your previous works!
  • Portfolio: You can totally check my music posted on my profile, or my Linktree. There's portfolio and my socials on Linktree!

If you need a composer who can write catchy melodies with epic orchestral genre, I can be of service. I look forward to work with your amazing projects! Thanks for reading :))

~ Jessie