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Good story, good music, good sound. And brilliant animation.

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Oye-LKY responds:

Thanks :)

That MRI scan was GENIUSLY animated.

This seems to have a deeper meaning... Still giving me great curiosity.

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Cute and inspiring! It's like a drawing version of Sudoku. Brilliant job on this game!

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Kinda like a simulation game, or a sandbox game... IDK. But definitely a good stuff to mess around with while spending some time.

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Seriously. This is incredibly beautiful. Sounds like a soundtrack for a short film. Beautiful.

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BlueOceans responds:

Thanks so much! I’m glad it sounds that professional!

Good job on this! Honestly when I saw the word "Cover", I thought of something very fresh blow into the Beethoven, like Vivaldi Electro. But...

Eh, it was still good. I like how you did with the volume adjustments on few parts, as well as keeping the originality safe and sound. I think those crashes & drum snares are bit loud for this quiet and solemn track. Maybe lower it a bit down? And also, the piano sounds bit robotic (but I understand if this was unintended. I once had that feedback long ago).

But I enjoyed the piece overall, as a Beethoven fan. Good job.

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JordanKyser responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

This is my first time doing a Beethoven cover, but I hope to improve next time I do a Beethoven cover. :)

When I do remakes/covers, I like to keep as much of the original rhythms as I can while also keeping the sound design original.

Ooh. I don't know about Terriaria, but I think it's a good arrangement!
Sound very triumphant. Nice work!

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So cute and inspiring! Looks like it's from Disney haha.

OMFG THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I'm so sad that this was never got frontpaged. Awesome work... Looks SOOOOO REAL!

I saw your trailer, and I can't wait to see how Mr. Fluffers will take action.
Really cute!

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