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That is very good, very smooth animation. It really made me nervous if the bartender cat could make the drink in time.

The characters look really cute, the animation is super smooth, I absolutely love it!

This is awesome! I really liked the style, voice acting, drawings and fluid animations! The only downside I could say that the story seemed a little rushy so I personally had some bit of hard time trying to keep it up with the environment Robuddy wanted to explain. But the rest is really great. Congratulations on your first episode, looking forward to see more!

SketchyAnt responds:

Thanks heaps and thank you for being a supporter on patreon as well, it means a lot!
I agree that the story does feel rushed at some stages, it's very hard to try fit so much into a short time frame without having to extend over multiple episodes.
It's definitely something we are working on, we're constantly editing the scripts for future episodes until they are ready to be animated and we think the quality is improving, so you that to look forward to!

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Well, well, well. The next generation of Tic Tac Toe.

Cute and inspiring! It's like a drawing version of Sudoku. Brilliant job on this game!

Kinda like a simulation game, or a sandbox game... IDK. But definitely a good stuff to mess around with while spending some time.

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I seriously can't put a feet near your composition range, this is amazing.

This is quite an interesting podcast! It was great to hear the stories from Troisnyx -- she is such a talented friend. I really look forward to listening to more episodes in the future!

Aww, this sounds kinda cute, beautiful, and relaxing in a way! I can hear the breeze of the trees nearby. Very well done!

AlbeGian responds:

Thank you Jess, I'm glad you liked it! <3

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I agree with rejectdoodles, you should change your rating.

RaydioJD responds:

it was an accident!!

This is splendid. I love their acting inside the drawing. This one is going into my favs!

HugoVRB responds:

Thank you Jessie!! Im glad you like it :)

So cute and inspiring! Looks like it's from Disney haha.

I make all kinds of stuff, but usually I compose music. Be sure to take a look at my cover photo, it will explain what will come next. It changes through time!


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