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This is amazing, I really can see all the effort and passion to complete this project. Big kudos to all the animators, your work is shining real bright through this collaboration!

Although it seems a bit like a rough sketch and 100% unfinished, this is amazing, especially since (it seems) you're starting out in animation. Very short story, but interesting characters with smooth animation! I really liked the music too. Well done!

IncendiaryStarfish responds:

yeah, hopefully I'll have better time management for the next animation, thank you very much!!

That is very good, very smooth animation. It really made me nervous if the bartender cat could make the drink in time.

The characters look really cute, the animation is super smooth, I absolutely love it!

This is awesome! I really liked the style, voice acting, drawings and fluid animations! The only downside I could say that the story seemed a little rushy so I personally had some bit of hard time trying to keep it up with the environment Robuddy wanted to explain. But the rest is really great. Congratulations on your first episode, looking forward to see more!

SketchyAnt responds:

Thanks heaps and thank you for being a supporter on patreon as well, it means a lot!
I agree that the story does feel rushed at some stages, it's very hard to try fit so much into a short time frame without having to extend over multiple episodes.
It's definitely something we are working on, we're constantly editing the scripts for future episodes until they are ready to be animated and we think the quality is improving, so you that to look forward to!

My goodness, I've never seen this kind of animation in my Newgrounds years. Very nice work there. Animation, Character Design, Lighting, Story. The voice acting could be a bit better.

Btw, this somehow reminds me of "Brave" film.

ElysianAnimation responds:

thanks for the compliments Jessie! Yes, there might have been some inspiration from Brave...

I absolutely loved the storyline, and the connections between the characters. The voice acting was golden. Wonderful animatic. It will look even more splendid on animation format!

I didn't expect to see this in here!
Good animation and introduction, I think the voice acting could be a liiiitle bit better.

FunCartoons responds:

Yep=) I also thought that I would not share the trailer here. I even wrote the post that about that =)
However, we decided that our trailer deserves to be here =)

Thanks for supporting us =)

Good story, good music, good sound. And brilliant animation.

Oye-LKY responds:

Thanks :)

That MRI scan was GENIUSLY animated.

I am a cinematic/orchestral composer who studies film. My inner composer wants to talk with you. Don't hesitate to communicate with her through the uploads. I also work on other stuff, so feel free to tune on that as well. Thanks for visiting.


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