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Stepping away from making music (for now).

Posted by JessieYun - March 5th, 2021

Hey Newgrounds, fans, friends, and NG users.

I want to address this important news that I'm officially stepping away from making music. This means I won't be participating 99.9% of future projects, and I won't be releasing any more public tracks. The reason I'm making this decision is because of my continuous stress and lack of motivation genuinely as an individual artist to strive for my passion. Ever since I had to overwork on so many tracks with zero fun and passion, making music is not the same for me anymore. So I've decided to let go and take some time to heal and rebuild my own sense of thoughts and creative mind. I'm feeling good about these decisions, and I do have a good feeling I'll be coming back as a composer sometime again. But until then, I'll be always preparing a place for the return, and focus on something else I want to learn more, and expand.

Before I step out though, I want to say thank you to you, Newgrounds. You wouldn't know how much you have supported me and helped me to become the person I am today. You gave me passion and dreams as a composer -- to heal and help people with music. You proved to me that I can do something better than I thought I would be. You were my first push, the first motivation to start my career as a composer (voice actor, too). And you connected me with very first creative friends, fans, and so many people across the world.

To fans and friends, thank you so much for supporting through my incredible journey for the past few years. Since from my High School years, I've never felt happier to share my work with you, get inspired together, and feel connected. I always considered myself outsider in class -- as I never felt a lot of connection with my classmates and others. But you guys made that with me. Without ya'll, I wouldn't have been filled with so many good memories during my High School years, and even until now. You guys widened up my eyes for the bigger world, diverse culture with so many stories to tell. Thank you, and thank you.

I hate to say goodbye to Newgrounds as a composer -- but I'm always open for something else, like drawing, writing scripts, filming, voice acting (although i don't do it anymore) and so on. If you'd want me to participate in your fun project for any of these roles, please reach out to me. I'm happy to consider your projects to continue on my creative journey.

Thank you so much all for reading this long post -- and hope you're safe.





Comments (1)

Dear Jessie, so sorry to see you go. That said, I think you're doing the right thing from a "life-balance" perspective.
Striving for perfection in our craft, work or whatever is near & dear to us, can be incredibly demanding, so we get a bit "stale" and can lose motivation.
Hence... the real need to take time-out to refresh and keep a balance in life.
You are an awesome composer and a really nice lady. I've enjoyed your works so much over the years. It's been fun! hahaha.
With your announcement, I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the house
My thoughts are with you and my very best wishes.

That warms my heart so much, All-Ears. Thank you for sticking around over the years and listening to my works. Thanks to you, I was able to push through with my works and standing here today. We did had a lot of fun, certainly! I’ll never forget those memories. Thank you so much again. I’ll be back sometime — until then, stay safe and be happy! :))